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AYATER Is Waiting For You
Jun 07, 2017

On June 7, 2017, my company partner came to the exhibition site after a day's journey, and arranged the exhibition hall with AYATER’s characteristics. 

Let's take a look ahead of time.

AYATER (1).jpg

 This red beauty is a senior member of AYATER.

AYATER (2).jpg

AYATER filtration is located in Xinxiang, a professional filter manufacturer with 15 years of production, r&d and sales. At present,  has successfully owned tens of thousands of customers and exported to 68 countries on 5 continents, and has many distributors abroad. 

AYATER (4).jpg

Today, AYATER offers the best quality industrial filters and focuses on oil and air filtration solutions. 

AYATER (5).jpg

Two beautiful women with back figures are doing the final inspection! 

AYATER (3).jpg

Looking forward to your visit, buy air compressor filter element, look for AYATER

Manager wang :13525010554 

Booth no. :k086 see you tomorrow

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