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AYATER Send A Red Door
Feb 16, 2015

February 26, 2015 is the first working day after the Spring Festival. Vigorous thirty AYATER welcomed the first customer who came to sign the order in 2015: Mr. Zhang. Speaking of, the cooperation with Mr. Zhang still has something to say. It was 2014. At that time, Mr. Zhang also paid a visit to the site and visited the production process of filter elements. Finally, there was a problem when we looked at the filter sample. We were a little dissatisfied with the sample, but the cooperation failed.

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Sales person of my company: miss shen, they regard customers as their friends, chatting with them, watching microblog, watching spatial dynamics and so on. The cold weather reminds people to keep warm, and the holidays send some blessings, or provide some new product information, or provide product maintenance methods and product replacement warm reminder.


This is the eighth afternoon of the first lunar month. Mr. Zhang came to visit us again to discuss cooperation matters. At the end of the negotiation, the cooperation contract was signed. As he left, Mr. Zhang brought a present from his briefcase to our salesman, Ms. Shen! This witnessed our 30 people and customers not only cooperation, but also friendship between friends! Thank you to Mr. Zhang. Let's welcome a great opening day!!!

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AYATER : earnest life, happy work, sincere communication, sincere service!!

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