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AYATER Senior Technical Lecture
Jun 10, 2017

In July 2017, our company's technical teachers will study abroad. In order to make our sales more professional in answering customers' questions and solving customers' questions, we gave a special lecture on the necessity and application of hydraulic filtration equipment.

 The technical teacher is lecturing to us. 

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Teacher speak a lot of content, in order to improve their own professional degrees we note taking seriously listen, now is the time to share, today I have friends can for our customers more professional understanding of our talking about hydraulic filtration equipment technology.

1.The necessity of hydraulic filtration equipment from the practice of statistics show that more than 80% of the components in the hydraulic system and the system of damage or failure is caused by the cleanness of the hydraulic oil can not meet the use requirement. With the development of science and technology, modern manufacturing technology is developing towards high speed, high pressure, high precision, high automation and high reliability. Precision hydraulic components such as axial piston pump, proportional valve, servo valve and static pressure hydraulic bearing are more and more popular in hydraulic system. The normal operation of such components requires high cleanliness of oil products. Studies show that 80% of system failures are due to pollutants in the system. 

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Contaminants in hydraulic systems refer to substances in oil that are harmful to system reliability and component life. There are mainly the following categories: solid particles, water, air, chemicals, etc. Relevant data show that in the hydraulic system failure caused by pollution, apart from 30% corrosion, the remaining 70% are caused by mechanical wear on the surface of hydraulic components due to solid particles. 

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2.Classification and application classification of hydraulic filtration equipment: 1. Solid particle pollution. 2. Water and other liquid pollution. Air pollution. According to the classification of pollutants in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic filtration equipment is also targeted. 1. Oil purifier. 2. Dewatering oil filter. 3. Dedicated purification and debugging equipment. 4. Oil recovery filter. 5. Comprehensive oil filter. An example of the application of hydraulic filtration equipment is the advanced equipment imported from abroad for the continuous rolling thin plate production line of a domestic steel mill. Since put into production, it has played an important role in the construction and development of the factory. The plant of cold-rolled frame under the hydraulic pressure system of oil pollution sampling, according to the five from different sampling points from the test results of sample analysis, found that the pollution of the hydraulic system are equivalent to NAS15 ~ NAS16 level, and the pollution of hydraulic servo system requires at least control under the NAS level 6, pollution exceeds bid badly, not suitable for the job requirement of this system. The causes of the extremely high pollution degree of the system are analyzed. We believe that it is caused by the inability to carry out rapid and effective filtration and purification of the invasive pollutants in the system, resulting in the gradual accumulation of pollutants in the system and participation in the wear of components, thus forming a chain reaction. Therefore, the invasion rate of external pollutants and the generation rate of internal pollutants are higher than the filtration capacity of the main circulation system, which is the main reason for the increase of pollutants in the hydraulic system. In view of this situation, we propose a solution: in order to quickly remove the pollution particles, an external circulation filtration system is added to the fuel tank of the system. The inlet of the external circulation filtration system is located at the oil return side of the main system of the fuel tank, so as to timely remove the oil return pipe and the particulate pollutants stored in the tank.

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 3.After adopting the above external circulation filtration system, the shortcoming of the main filtration system of oil and liquid is effectively solved, and the contradiction between the precision filtration and the extended service life of the filter element is overcome. While ensuring the cleanliness of the oil, it also reduces the replacement times of the filter element, reduces the labor intensity of the workers and reduces the operating cost. It only takes 8 minutes to complete the filtration of the whole oil tank, which can effectively ensure the dynamic balance of particle pollutants in the system. According to the test, after 24 hours of operation of the external circulation filtration system, all the oil samples of the five sample ports reached nas5-nas6 level. 

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This is the sharing of AYATER this time. If you have a series of problems or the above problems, please contact us and we will solve your problems in a more professional way.



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