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AYATER: The World Niu Shang Overlord
Aug 15, 2015

After the changjiang river, the waves in front of the waves, AYATER won the world,

In ancient times, there were three kingdoms fighting against the world.

 AYATER's sword out of the sheath, China who with the struggle!

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On May 10, 2015, the henan competition zone of the national cattle business competition officially kicked off, with the online elite of 26 enterprises gathering together.

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On the morning of the 10th, we carried out the collective extension training, and established preliminary unity and tacit understanding for the team.

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No matter where we come from, we must integrate into the whole team as soon as possible. People are social. Even......

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On the afternoon of 10th, a game named "concentric circle" made us all understand the strength of team unity and tacit understanding more deeply.

One last graduation show: the escape wall. 4.2 meters high, no support point in the middle, relying on human support to build a human wall can go up. The expected passage time of all personnel is one hour, and the final result is beyond everyone's imagination. Twenty minutes, only a third as expected. What does it say? Success is demonstrated by practical action. You will never succeed without practical action!!

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The 11th was a day of learning and sharing of successful experiences. Finally, we set our own goals for the 90-day online sales team. Fill in the commitment letter, the enterprise team morale display and written pledge to fulfill a military order. Love to learn, share and contribute, let us all team progress, waiting for the results three months later!!!

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