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AYATER True Verification Of Attitude
Dec 08, 2014

AYATER’s attitude:

Step on the ground, go one step at a time! Even if I am stupid than others, I always believe that relying on my solid pace will go more stable and farther.

I am not the smartest and the best, but I will not stop moving forward and constantly improve myself.

No one is born to be anything, it’s always be.

Learning and summarizing slowly improve oneself, our small partners will conduct product knowledge assessment every week, in order to better help customers when communicating with customers, recommend the most suitable products for customers. Also in order to better improve myself.

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The company's domestic sales staff has been carefully prepared for the courseware. Her clients have more than 300 so far, including 80% of new customers and 60% of old customers. Cities. Foreign countries include Russia, Vietnam, and Australia.

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Ms. Meng, the domestic trade sales, comes to the earliest every day, the latest is the latest, and the daily pay is always rewarding. She currently has 239 total customers, covering 32 cities in China, foreign countries in Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, with annual sales of 3 million. 

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Ms. Jiang, who has worked in this industry for 3 years, serves 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, including more than 10 direct users, covering paper, medicine, construction, aviation, coal, electric, new energy, food, etc.

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Not to mention the sales of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, all of them are elites.

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Small meeting room, great energy! Every little friend works so hard, so hard, the goal of AYATER's sprint is guaranteed to be completed!

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