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AYAYTER Participated In The 5th South China (Dongguan) International Air Compressor And Pneumatic Technology Exhibition In 2017
Apr 07, 2017

Xinxiang Saya Filters Co., Ltd. is located in the “Hometown of Filtration—Xinxiang”. It is a professional filtration manufacturer with 15 years of production, R&D and sales. Since its establishment, it has been an enterprise integrating industry and trade. After years of development, it has gradually It has become an important brand in the industrial filter manufacturing industry. It has a vast market of domestic and foreign owners. At present, it has successfully owned tens of thousands of customers and exported 68 countries on 5 continents, and has many distribution agents abroad.

Today, we are able to provide the highest quality industrial filter products and specialize in the manufacture of compressors. Filter elements for vacuum pumps and compressed air equipment. 

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Product introduction our main products are three-filter series of air compressors and special filters for compressed air systems. Specializing in the operation of various domestic and international brand air compressors and matching consumables and spare parts (air filter, oil filter, oil separator, special lubricant). 

 Main business brands are: Ingersoll-Rand (Ingersoll Rand), Atlas.Copco (Atlas); US SULLAIR (Sullair), Ingersoll-Rand (Ingersoll Rand), British CompAir (CompAir) , Japan HITACHI (Hitachi), KOBELCO (Kobelco), Iwata (Iwata), Germany ECOAIR (Ai Gao), BOGE (Baoyu), KAESER (Caesar), Taiwan FS (Fusheng). Liuzhou LiUTEHCH (Fuda), etc. Various imported air compressors with three filters.

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 AYATER will participate in the 5th South China (Dongguan) International Air Compressor and Pneumatic Technology Exhibition from June 8th to 10th, 2017. We sincerely invite you to visit our guide and visit us! At this exhibition, we will show you the latest customized products to provide you with the most professional air compressor filtration solutions. 

At the time, the senior technicians will explain to you at the scene, and the company boss will come in person and sincerely look forward to your visit! 

Venue contact number:Manager Wang 13525010554


ADDRESS:Guangdong modern international exhibition center  Thick street

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