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AYYATER Passed SGS Field Certification
Oct 19, 2017

SGS is the world's leading inspection, certification, testing and certification body, and is a globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark. SGS sgs-cstc standards technical services co., LTD is a Swiss group and affiliated with the state bureau of quality and technical supervision of the People's Republic of China standard technology development company jointly built in 1991 the joint venture company, taking "" "and "bureau of standard measurement" (SGS) 2, set up in China for more than 50 branches and dozens of laboratories, has more than 12000 well-trained professionals.

SGS is a comprehensive inspection institutions, can undertake various physical, chemical and metallurgical analysis, including the destructive and non-destructive test, to the client to provide a complete set of quality and quantity inspection and related technical services, provide before shipment inspection services, provides a variety of technology such as goods related to international trade, transportation, warehousing services, supervision and procurement, trade, migration of raw materials, industrial equipment, consumer goods related all or any part of the business and operating process.

The good news is that not long ago, we successfully passed the field audit after the staff inspection. 

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We need to investigate many aspects, including: 1. Basic information of the company. 2. Trade ability. 3. Production capacity and quality management. 4. Industry information. 5. Product design and development ability. 6. System and product certification. 7. Financial credit. 9. Environmental management. The following is a brief introduction to some auditing.


1. The basic information of the company requires the original tax registration certificate of the business license, etc. Meanwhile, the most important thing is to introduce the main products of the company, such as oil filter element series air filter series, national standard filter element series, oil filter vehicle series filter cleaner, water filter element, precision filter element, high efficiency filter of junior middle school and other hydraulic equipment and filtration detection equipment

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2. The original registration form for the record of foreign trade managers or the original export approval certificate. The list of foreign trade salesmen includes professional background, English (or other languages) level, foreign trade experience, etc. (the resume of the salesmen can also be) the list of export regions, major customers and relevant supporting documents (the photocopy can be), such as: Orders, invoices, bill of lading or the customs cancel after verification contract to packing products after checking program, if there is a need to provide the corresponding inspection standard and records of these aspects in the past three months of approval, proves that our 30 high-quality withdrawal and filtering ability of overall trade, has received industry recognition, let the customer more at ease in the company for trade, no worries.


3. Production process flow chart of typical products; incoming material inspection and completion of quality inspection standards (samples); and inspection records in the last three months. These aspects of high quality products of 30 sub-filters are not just talk about, so that customers are more confident to buy and cooperate, not to worry about high prices of inferior products, absolute value for money.

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 5.Product design development ability r&d staff list: including the background, research and development experience, job title and job design development and changes to the program and record of successful project operation design development department is equipped with special instruments, equipment and design software listing patent certificate and enterprise qualification certificate of the original (such as: special profession qualification certificate) our technology has 30 years of experience engaged in the state of our technical personnel processing by heart all the filter products, only for high efficiency, high precision, ensuring the security of the equipment; Service life increased by 15-20% year on year. Customer satisfaction is the goal of our efforts. 

6. System and product certification system certification certificate, and the original certificate of the latest annual audit certificate, etc. . The product certification list and the original product certification certificate of relevant representatives, including CCCGSROHS, REACH and other test reports,.

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 AYAYTER have been engaged in the filtration industry for more than 10 years. From the beginning, our main products have been oil filter cores, to the present, our products have expanded the filter products such as the air compressor, the three filter oil machines, and so on. If you have the idea to cooperate with us, but you are afraid that you don't know enough about our AYATER please contact us. We will warmly invite you to visit the site and don't miss a high-quality partner due to a little hesitation. We look forward to cooperating with you. Xinxiang Saya Filter CO,. LTD



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