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Bringing Together Youth And Building A Green Dazhaoying
Feb 28, 2018

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As the saying goes: The year begins with spring. Spring is the season of sowing hope. Today, on the occasion of the 40th Arbor Day in the country, we have carried out the tree planting activities of “bringing youth strength and building a green camp”, planting hope, and also our responsibility and mission.

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On this occasion, under the guidance of the town party committee and government, the youth league committee of Dazhaoying town invited the town culture office, publicity office, agricultural office, the enterprise of henan zhongwangxin network technology co., LTD., Xinxiang saya filter co., LTD., and the host Dazhaoying middle school to jointly practice "learning from lei feng". The tree-planting activities of "youth first" and "youth green movement", "youth forest · joint eco-call camp", enhance people's awareness of environmental protection and greening, and set up the idea that "the golden mountain is not as green as the silver mountain".

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We are honored to be the sponsor of this activity. Our business philosophy is to deliver valuable products to customers around the world, provide clean oil for industrial development, and provide clean air for everyone.

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Now, let's take a look at the event site. In order to build a green Dazhaoying, everyone is ready to go.

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This is our AYATER staff waiting for the start of the event with the elite of Dazhaoyingschool

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Government leaders, high school leaders and industry elites gathered here to promote the importance of greening and to lead the way in building a better megachurch camp.

The leadership led us to sign our name on the banner of the declaration, which represents our determination to protect the environment of the Dazhaoying


In order to make the future of Dazhaoying more beautiful, we should not only have this wish and consciousness, but also take the initiative to make a contribution to greening our hometown.

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