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Canton Fair Reflects The New Advantages Of Foreign Trade Competition In China's Filter Industry Is Accelerating
Dec 08, 2016

Since the beginning of this year, the world economic recovery has been sluggish, international market demand has been sluggish, and global trade has continued to slow down. According to customs statistics, although the total import and export value of China's filter trade declined in the first three quarters of this year, the import and export showed a trend of returning to stability quarter by quarter. In the third quarter, the import and export achieved a synchronous positive growth.

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The closing press conference at the 120th Canton fair, Canton fair news spokesman, Xu Bing said, deputy director of the China foreign trade center from the Canton fair data, purchaser to report 185704, from 213 countries and regions, export volume 1873.01 yuan ($27.89 billion), were increased, compared to the exhibitors generally reflect the fair clinch a deal the effect is better than expected.


In mid-october 2016, General Manager Wang and General Manager Hou of shanya company attended the China import and export commodities fair. They not only publicized the background of AYATER company, introduced the featured products, but also contacted many foreign and domestic customers in need.

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AYATER is located in the land of filtration, early contact with e-commerce and foreign trade companies, now the company has set up a special foreign trade sales and after-sales service department, products throughout the world!


From the Canton fair, China's foreign trade mainly depends on the scale and cost of high-speed development stage has passed, from big foreign trade to strong foreign trade has begun.


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The foreign trade development of AYATER is changing from the factor driven to the combination of factor driven and innovation driven. The optimization and upgrading of foreign trade structure and new competitive advantages centering on technology, brand, quality and service are being formed at a faster pace.

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