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Company Big Name--Manager Na Sister Birthday Party
Jul 09, 2016

The rainy weather that lasted for a few days finally woke up, as if the Sun Gonggong knew that today was an extraordinary day, and gave everyone a warmth in the late autumn, and his sweet smile was revealed early.

Today is the birthday of our manager Na Jie!

Everyone used the morning meeting for 15 minutes to give a lovely birthday arrangement to the lovely and practical Na, and wanted to surprise Na.

AYATER (1).jpg

The cartoon cute little girl is actually a true portrayal of Na in life, she is cute, generous, intellectual and beautiful. This little girl of cartoons, the Xiao yu of the foreign trade sales department painted it in a few seconds.

AYATER (2).jpg

It’s very good to have this effect in a short time. The cute little girl’s cake means that the lovely girl is 18 years old. The 14 pink hearts are folded by the 14 cute little friends of the sales department. The two stereoscopic hearts in the middle are the hands of the handsome and competent director of the marketing department. There is also a small pink powder underneath. The manager of the goods department personally folded. Every origami represents our deep blessing to Na.

AYATER (3).jpg

Ms. Na moved to tears. She said that she was grateful for her life and work. We met her friends who worked hard with her. She made her inner wish, wishing her young and beautiful, happy family, and wishing AYATER  is getting better and better! Look! How many small fans around are taking pictures of her...

Wonderful moments always want to use the camera as an eternal!

AYATER (4).jpg

Bless our dear Na, happy birthday!

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