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Congratulations To AYATER As The Designated Supplier Of “The First Store In New China--Wangfujing Department Store Group”!
Apr 26, 2015

On April 24, 2015, AYATER made another major breakthrough and became the designated supplier of “New China's first store--Wangfujing Department Store Group”!

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That was on April 22nd, the salesperson Miss Jiang had a telephone conversation with Minister Xu for the first time. During the telephone communication process, she learned that Minister Xu would visit several companies and decide which company to cooperate with. Minister Xu first visited our company and explained that AYATER has been engaged in the filtration industry for 10 years and its authority in the filtration industry. I hope that Minister Xu will come to our company for the first visit! !

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On the morning of April 23, Minister Xu called to visit our production workshop, which is already in the company's downstairs. Miss Jiang immediately informed Hou Manager to receive the work.

Minister Xu visited the production workshop of AYATER .

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The production of the products needs to be determined according to the actual use. After visiting the production workshop, Hou Manager drives the professional technicians and the other party to go to the field for surveying and mapping.

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During this period, the other party also visited a lot of companies, and finally chose our filter. The final negotiation encountered a thorny problem: the delivery period. Because these filters are in urgent need of replacement, and the volume is 1000. After deliberation, our company decided that May Day will not be on holiday, and work overtime to increase the delivery period. Minister Xu expressed his sincere gratitude and determined that AYATER is the designated supplier of “New China’s first store--Wangfujing Department Store Group”. !

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