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Dispel Customer Concerns And Visit In Person
Sep 04, 2017

"Shen Gong, are you still sending this goods to Sanmenxia Yima?" "Yes, it is the original address, you can ship it directly." This is the specific receipt information of the shipping department before shipment. In fact, the specific receipt information has long been in the delivery document in the delivery department, because my heart is happy! It is the happiest thing to ship to old customers every time.


The customer who cooperates with us is Henan Yiteng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is a technologically innovative high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells lithium-ion batteries, diaphragms and cathode materials.

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At that time, what the customer needed was the air filter used in the dust-free workshop and ventilation system. When I first started cooperation, I also asked for the price. We quoted, there was no audio after the price was finished.....

Because our prices are very high compared with other peers, but we have high reasons for us: US HV imported glass fiber, high temperature resistance, filter pleats and more pollution, the filtration effect is very good!

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Later, Shengong sent samples to the customer and conducted the first cooperation! The customer is very satisfied after receiving it and starts to order other filtering products! And also give us the introduction of customers to purchase our company's products.

In fact, the customer's concern at the time was: I am afraid that our after-sales and product prices are far apart! In order to dispel customer concerns, the company decided to visit in person.

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By understanding the background of our company, the company's current situation, the company's prospects and affirming the pre-sales and after-sales service we have in place, the customers are very satisfied with our products and finalized the long-term cooperation plan.

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The photo of the customer and our company Hou Zong, the thumbs up is a full affirmation of our products and services!

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