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Improving Efficiency Is The Constant Pursuit Of The AYATER People.
Feb 17, 2003

Increasing efficiency is a constant pursuit of AYATER people

We are specialized in the production of filter core, filter, air pressure air filter, air pressure oil filter, oil and gas separator filter products manufacturers. We have advanced special equipment for filter core production and complete set of machining equipment, precision testing instruments and perfect product quality assurance system. According to customer demand, we can customize the processing of various filters. The company "wins the market by the quality, bases the market by the price, consolidates the market by the service, develops the market by the innovation" is the objective, with: the product development, the design, the sale, the service "one-stop sale pattern, wholeheartedly serves the social all walks of life user!

Since its establishment, increasing filtration efficiency has been the consistent goal of the AYATER people

We not only provide high performance filter products, filter core, filter, air compressor air filter, air compressor oil filter, oil and gas separator we will also consider all aspects of the real needs of customers.

1. The quality of imported filter materials and the price of domestic filter elements

The service life is close to 90% of that of imported brands

Filtering accuracy 0 error, safe to achieve

Have imported brands can not match the fast delivery date and technical services

Leading quality of domestic filter core + cost-effective quality of imported filter core + no service + long delivery period

2. Zero error process quality control

Incoming inspection process inspection final inspection ex-factory sampling inspection

Process sampling filter material selection accuracy measurement appearance inspection is 100% complete

Each product has at least 28 processes to ensure product consistency

3. German processing technology of imported materials from the United States

Improve the filter core service life by 70% to 80%

The filter precision, pressure resistance and filter area of the filter core are improved obviously

To this end, we have established a qualified, professional sales and after-sales team to build a closer working relationship with our customers. We are working together towards a common goal to improve the filtering efficiency.

Our commitment to customers is: rather lose our own interests, never provide inferior products and services.

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