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Harbin International Industrial Exhibition AYATER Is Ready And Looking Forward To Your Arrival
May 17, 2018


On May 15th, 2018, we started from AYATER Headquarters in Xinxiang and arrived at Harbin International Exhibition Center in China on the 16th to participate in the China Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition. In order to In order to present AYATER’s professional standards and quality products to customers all over the country and the world, under the leadership of our general manager of the AYATER, we took all the time to arrange our site in A-C-112, and classified the filtration products such as our oil filter cartridge filter air compressor filter oil separator. Allow customers to fully observe and identify our products.


This is our beauty guide who is talking about our product classification.


Through our unremitting efforts, the exhibition hall of AYATER has been formed. Air compressor three filters, hydraulic oil filter, dust filter cartridge, air filter and other products have been placed. Xinxiang Saya Filter Co., Ltd. "Filter Township--Xinxiang" is a professional filtration manufacturer with 15 years of production, R&D and sales. At present, it has successfully owned many customers and exported 78 countries on 5 continents. There are many distribution agents in foreign countries.Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development and production of filtration products, and has invested in advanced production and testing equipment. The products are strictly controlled. In particular, the company's environmental protection filter series products have been widely used in hydraulic station systems, steel rolling equipment, engine processing equipment, Petrochemical, automotive, engineering machinery and other fields.

AYATER has advanced filter production equipment and machining equipment, precision inspection equipment, and perfect product quality assurance system. The company can according to customer demand, to sample processing customized hydraulic oil filter. Win the market with quality, base on the market with price, consolidate the market with service, develop the market with innovation as the aim, with: product development, design, sale, service "one-stop sales model, wholeheartedly serve users from all walks of life in the society!

When we were about to finish the project, we were pleasantly surprised by the loyal customers of our company. The general manager answered the customer's series of professional questions about the products and talked with the customers very well.

Today is the day before the 18th China Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition. We have welcomed some customers. This is a good start, indicating that we are filtering from May 17th to 19th. The exhibition will definitely shine and welcome more partners. We will use our professional to impress customers, use our products to impress customers, and impress customers with our integrity.AYATER must live up to expectations and look forward to your arrival!

Activity time:May 17-19, 2018

Position number:A-C-112

Contact: Manager Wang 13525035413

Address: Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center

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