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Into The AYATER New World
Mar 20, 2017

2017.3.18 is the day when AYAYTER moved to the new factory and took another video. The company decided to arrange special video for each department on Saturday, about the brand, about the product, about the team and upload it to the well-known website. It is to let our customers know more about us more realistically and more comprehensively, not just the  AYAYTER that we see on the Internet. 

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In the early days of 2007, it began to establish long-term cooperative relations with domestic large-scale Guodian and Angang. After 3 years of experience in the hydraulic filtration industry and adhering to the modern scientific management model, General Manager Wang Yanna has established a high-quality, high-level team. The imported replacement filter produced by Mr. Wang has taken a leap in the hydraulic filtration industry. 

In 2011, the company implemented an automated management model within the company, successfully introduced XTools Enterprise Vitamin & CRM Enterprise Management Software and won the “Best Deal Award” in Alibaba history. The general manager also won the reputation of the youngest lecturer in Alibaba. 

The company officially established the " AYAYTER Learning Day", opened the school day and training every Saturday, successfully participated in the Guangzhou Communication Expo, won the Alibaba "dream base" in May, and formally signed a long-term cooperation with the "Sany Heavy Industry Group" in September. Agreement. In October, the company officially established the marketing department, responsible for the promotion and planning of the company. 

In May 2014, the company participated in the "Niu Shang Hegemony Competition" held by the China E-Commerce Center and won the "Best Deal Award" in October. Invited to Alibaba headquarters to study and train with 30 enterprise executives.

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 In March 2016,  AYATER expanded production scale, purchased 8,000 square meters of factory area, began construction in April to expand foreign trade market, and established  AYAYTER Branch in Ningbo. In June 2016, Dongguan Air Compressor Exhibition was successfully held; in June, Xinxiang Radio went into  AYAYTER and made a special interview for General Manager Wang Yanna; in August, China (Dongying) International Petroleum Equipment and Technology Exhibition was successfully held; September The company's foreign trade brand AYATER website was officially launched; in December, the production of the Qiaochang Industrial Park celebration party was successfully held. 

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We can't do without the trust and support of our customers, so we want our customers to truly understand the continuous development and growth of the media through the video. Let the customers who have not visited the site can also thoroughly understand the Asian Games through video. The video we shoot will be Uploaded to major video sites (Youku, Potatoes, etc.) 

The picture below shows the head of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Department of  AYAYTER, explaining the suspicions of customers visiting the customers over the years, solving the customer's questions, and letting our customers believe in  AYAYTER.

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