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Making Warm Heart Movie 《AYATER Welcomes You》
Nov 24, 2016

The door of AYATER is always open, and it is open to the world, and the years are full of youthful smiles, greet this date!

The business expansion of AYATER is getting bigger and bigger, the customer demand is getting wider and wider, the original factory area needs to be expanded, and AYATER has established a new factory area under the leadership of the general manager, and AYATER will relocate the new factory area. In order to celebrate the relocation, the network department of AYATER is preparing to bring a warm-hearted drama "Welcome to You" to the AYATER family. The following is the shooting scene.

AYATER (3).jpg

Meet another morning sun, bring a new air, change the atmosphere, the tea is full of friendship, the door of the door is always open, the open arms are waiting for you, there is a tacit understanding of the hug, you will fall in love here, no matter how far or near It is a guest, please don't hesitate to meet up, AYATER welcomes you...

AYATER (4).jpg

The afternoon sun is so harmonious, the melody is so familiar, the cute smile is so bright...

Unfamiliar familiarity is the guest please do not have to be polite, the first time it does not matter, there are too many topics, AYATER welcomes you, open up the world for you, the charm of the flow is full of vigor.

Self-directed and self-directed love drama is chic, and AYATER is full of vigor and vitality. The small friends who are full of love come up with the impulse to sell our products, and cooperate with them to create a special blockbuster!

AYATER (1).jpg

This professional and loving "AYATER welcomes you" records the self-confidence of the Shuya people, witnesses the enthusiasm of the Shuya people, and inherits the culture of AYATER.

 AYATER welcomes you, there are dreams who are great, and if you have the courage, there will be miracles!


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