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Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct 09, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival, blessings are not late, AYATER wishes you: full moon,everything round; good flowers, good scenery, good things again and again!

First, it is said that it originated from the sacrificial activities of the ancient emperors. "Book of Rites" records: "The emperor of the Spring, the autumn and the moon", the eve of the moon is the moon, indicating that as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the emperor has begun to worship the moon, worship the moon. Later, the aristocratic bureaucrats and scholars of the literati also followed suit and gradually spread to the people.

Second, the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival is related to agricultural production. Autumn is the harvest season. The interpretation of the word "autumn" is: "The crop is mature and autumn." In the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, crops and various fruits have matured. In order to celebrate the harvest and express the joy of the peasants, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival. "Mid-Autumn Festival" means the middle of the autumn. The August of the lunar calendar is the middle of the autumn, and the fifteenth day is the middle of the month. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival may be a custom inherited by the ancient "Autumn".

Since the ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been worshipping the moon, enjoying the moon, worshiping the moon, eating moon cakes, enjoying osmanthus, drinking sweet-scented osmanthus wine, and so on. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion of the people of the moon. It is a hometown of missing people, missing the feelings of loved ones, praying for a harvest and happiness, and becoming a colorful and precious cultural heritage.

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Moon cakes are long-established Han traditional snacks and are very popular among the Chinese people. The moon cake is round and round, and it is shared by the family. It symbolizes reunion and shackles. It is a must-eat for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ancient moon cakes were eaten as a sacrifice on the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Tang Dynasty. At the time of the Northern Song Dynasty, it was popular in the court, but it was also spread to the people. It was commonly called "small cake" and "monthly group". The development of the Ming Dynasty has become a common dietary habit of the whole people. Today, the variety is more diverse and the flavor varies from place to place. Among them, Cantonese style, Beijing style, Soviet style, tidal style, and enamel-style moon cakes are loved by people from all over the country.

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Best viewing place:

Lushan Mulu - a romantic resort

Yangzhou·Twenty-four Bridges Mingyue——Poetry Resort

Guilin March - Viewpoint

Qingdao Taiqing Shuiyue - Artistic Resort

Dali·Visit the Moon——Fashion Resort

Yibin·Sanjiang Yingbiyue – a vision resort

Lanzhou·Cold Moon——Thinking Resort

Hangzhou·Shuiyue——Playing Moon Resort

Sanya · End of the Moon - Legends

Huangshan·Xianyue – meditation resort

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, let us bid farewell to the mobile phone on this day, use language to communicate, and take advantage of the warmth and fun we should have.

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