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Only Better Products Can Bring Cooperation Again
Aug 06, 2017

Only better products can lead to renewed cooperation

A few days ago, we welcomed two special guests. They are old customers from uzbekistan. 

Because we had cooperation in 2015, the quality and cost performance of our products impressed the customers deeply, so for our deeper cooperation and win-win results, the customers came to our factory to visit our production technology and the cooperation contract after signing. 

AYATER (9).jpg

Our director of sales and foreign trade sales manager together to meet the two guests, because the customer need is the air compressor filter products, we took out some samples for customer view. 30 and filtration equipment main products: < oil filter series, series of air compressor a/gb filters filter series, filter block series, filter, water filter, precision filter, middle efficient filter and other hydraulic equipment and testing equipment, etc. In the production process, we strictly implement the ISO,DIN,IDF and 3A industrial standard manufacturing, and the quality meets the requirements of GMP standard. As a senior filter manufacturer, we are very confident in our products. 

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In order to let customers know more about our production process, we bring customers to our production workshop. This is in the fold-wave zone of filter paper. The customer is watching our filter paper material. This is the filter paper of osron of Korea. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of our filter paper.

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 This is our folding machine. Every successful product has to go through this step.

AYATER (12).jpg

 This is our processing platform. The processing and molding of filter elements should be completed here. The customer will take one of the semi-finished products and observe our production process. Our technology has 30 years of experience working in the state sector. 

The client was very satisfied with this and felt it was worth the trip. As you can guess from the row of shelves here, this is our sample exhibition area. Our foreign trade sales manager is introducing some of our air compressor filter core products to the customer. 

AYATER (13).jpg

It has advanced special equipment for the production of filter element and complete set of machinery processing equipment, precise inspection equipment and perfect product quality guarantee system. We have the ability to manufacture custom filter elements with samples. The company wins the market with the quality, bases itself on the market with the price, strengthens the market with the service, develops the market with the innovation as the aim, with: product development, design, sale, service one-stop sales model, wholeheartedly serves the social various circles user.

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