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Review And Summary, Continue To Grow---2015 AYATER Middle Year Summary Meeting
Jul 10, 2015

Reviewing the summary is a necessary step for growth. Whether it is life or work, only continuous summing up and reflection can let us find our own shortcomings in order to grow stronger! !

2015 has passed half a year, what have we done? What are the shortcomings? What is the growth? AYATER held a mid-year summary meeting to summarize the experience and shortcomings of the previous year; plan for the second half of the year, chaired by Manager Wang.

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In accordance with the practice, before the start of the summary, the supervisors of the various departments summarized the work report of the previous year. Then, starting from the marketing department, the domestic trade sales department, and the foreign trade sales department, each member will report and summarize the personal work and sales performance.

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The head of domestic trade (left) and the head of foreign trade (right) summarize the work!

AYATER (3).jpg

AYATER (11).jpg

The four elites of the domestic trade sales department reported on the work and ushered in the return of an old colleague! !

AYATER (4).jpg

The Foreign Trade Sales Department reported on the work with a fluent English that envied domestic sales !

AYATER (5).jpg

Two handsome people in the marketing department

AYATER (7).jpg

There are sums to be commended, and the general manager of AYATER, Mr. Hou and the head of domestic trade and the winning members will present the award and take a group photo! !

 AYATER family photo taken! ! ~~

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