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Sharing One Of The Five Management Successes-activation Target
Sep 07, 2018

AYATER filter company organizes the learning of all employees of the company, not only the workplace, but also a learning platform for employees to progress together. To tell employees that "your success in the past does not mean success in the future, your past failure does not mean that the future will fail." The purpose of organizing this learning activity is to enrich the company's employees' knowledge and guide successful methods. The content of this study is closely related to the way of success, that is, the activation of the target, only the goal has a direction. Just like a small boat on the sea, if there is no target, there is no heading, it will always drift at sea.

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Success requires management. According to the lecturer's introduction, success requires five managements to complement each other, goal management, learning management, mentality management, action management, and time management. And this class sharing is [Target Management - Activating Goals]. The first step to success is to have a direction. How to make you not work and live like a headless fly every day, but also want to succeed and then be good. Life, then you need to motivate your goals.

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What is the goal? The goal is the compass of life, the direction and norms of life, and what you look like in the future. But some people want to live well, but just don't set goals for themselves? Who are these people? You will find that they are all people who have no role models. Even if they have role models but their beliefs are not firm, they are not brave; they do not know how to pay; they are weak; they are timid, and these actions will affect the establishment and action of your goals. We can regain our confidence by doing some challenges that we have never done before.

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When you have confidence, how do you set your goals? We need to think about what we want to become in the future, and then set goals in this direction. When you have strengthened your confidence and have an example of hard work, you need to analyze your goals, because your goals are so great that you can't do it all at once. Therefore, you need to divide your goals into small goals that are currently achievable, and implement them a little bit. Finally, through continuous accumulation and baptism of time, complete your ultimate goal.

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AYATER filter company has its own goal since its establishment. The company hopes to replace the foreign brand of filtration products, so that the Chinese people no longer have to rely on foreign filtration brands, so that the people can use our own filtration products with confidence, so that the filter can become a national. Proud to be a well-known brand in the domestic filtration industry. We have many years of experience in the filtration industry. We have been learning advanced filtration technology and have our own testing bench and test bench. We can carry out strict inspection and analysis on each filter element to ensure quality. At present, China has successfully owned many customers and exported 78 countries on 5 continents, and has many distribution agents in foreign countries. It can be seen that AYATER filter company has been working hard for the goal.

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AYATER filter company's main products have been involved: hydraulic oil filter; air compressor filter; oil separator; industry customized filtration products and accessories. This sharing class tells us: "If you have a goal, you won't necessarily fail, but if you don't have a goal, you won't succeed!"

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