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Small Smog Mask AYATER Pass Care
Dec 08, 2016

In order to ensure the health and safety of employees, the company purchased professional anti-smog masks for all employees in an emergency, which were distributed to employees in time. Although it is just a small mask, employees feel very sweet. They express their gratitude for the company's care and support, and will give back the company's care with their practical actions.

 The anti-smog mask issued this time has professional protective function, which can prevent the invasion of fine particulate matter of PM2.5 and minimize the physical injury to employees caused by the haze weather.  

 The company also actively advocates "everyone is responsible for preventing haze," publicizes knowledge related to haze protection, and advocates healthy and green travel for employees and their families, protects the environment, and constantly strengthens social responsibility.


AYATER reminds you of matters needing attention in haze weather

1. When encountering haze weather, try to reduce the frequency of outdoor activities, morning exercises and indoor activities. In this way, the human body can avoid inhaling a large amount of harmful gases in the process of outdoor activities, which will affect people's physical health.

2. If you must go outside, you should wear a mask. The quality of the mask is also required.

3. Avoid opening Windows for ventilation, because opening Windows will let the polluted air outside into the room. It is better to close the Windows, so as to avoid the invasion of some harmful gases.

4.In case of frequent haze weather, we should eat more vegetables, such as kelp, agaric, etc., so that vegetables can clear the lungs. In addition, we should also eat more fruits to supplement vitamins, which are very good for the human body.

5. Put some green plants in the room properly, such as chlorophyll and chlorophyll. These green plants can absorb harmful gases in the air, release oxygen content and keep the air fresh.

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