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The Dog Days
Jul 11, 2018


The dog days, which appear between the minor summer heat and the end of summer heat, are the hottest, humid and sultry days of the year. The "fu" of "sanfutian" refers to the "fu evil", that is, the so-called "six evil" in the summer evil.

The three-volt schedule in 2018:

The first time: July 17th - July 26th 

Mid-volts: July 27th - August 15th

End: August 16th - August 25th

Friendly reminder:

1. For 40 days, please don't drink iced water, beverage and food, which will prevent the cold air from escaping. The reason why winter is afraid of cold, cold feet, are not caused by the dog days. Want to make the cold air inside the body eduction, please insist to drink hot water, ginger date tea, room temperature water,in the dog days can make the body many years the cold air that goes deep into the bone to come out.


2.In summer, it is not recommended to carry out strenuous activities such as mountain climbing outdoors or during the day. It is recommended to choose swimming, jogging in the morning and evening.

3.The diet should not be too light. Summer people have long activities, sweating and consumption.Should eat more nutritious foods such as chicken, duck, lean meat, fish and eggs to meet the metabolic needs of the human body. Eat more vegetables with higher water content; fresh fruits can be used to replenish moisture.


4.The nap time should not be too long. If the nap time is too long, the central nervous system will deepen the inhibition, and relatively less blood flow in the brain will slow down the metabolic process, leading to uncomfortable and sleepy after waking up.

5.Avoid "quick cooling" after being heated. In summer, people go out or work back. Like to drive a fan or go to a cold bath immediately. This will quickly close the pores of the body, and the heat in the body will be difficult to dissipate.It can also cause a rapid contraction of blood vessels in the brain resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, making people dizzy.


6.When you go out in the summer, remember to have sun protection equipment. It is best not to walk in the hot sun between 10 am and 4 pm. If you must go out at this time, be sure to do protective work, such as sunshades, sunhats, and sunglasses. It is best to apply sunscreen.

7.Take along with you medicine to prevent the heat, such as ten drops of water, rendan, rheumatism, etc.,in case of emergency.

Photo of relieving the heat (calm and cool heart)


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