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The Feast Of The Winter Solstice In AYATER
Jan 09, 2018

Winter solstice is also called winter festival and winter festival. It is one of the twenty-four solar terms and a traditional Chinese festival. 

The winter solstice is a great time for health preservation, mainly because "qi starts from the winter solstice". For from the beginning of winter, life begins to turn from decline to prosperity, from static rotation. At this time, scientific health preservation helps to ensure vigorous energy and prevent premature aging, so as to prolong life. Winter solstice season should be a variety of diet, grain, fruit, meat, vegetable reasonable collocation, appropriate choice of high calcium food. 

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Every year on the lunar winter solstice, whether rich or poor, jiaozi is an essential holiday meal. On October 1st, the winter solstice comes, and every family eats dumplings. This custom. This year's winter solstice, our friends of AYATER sit together and make dumplings together as in the past year. They make their own food and clothes. 

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Our friends are all skilled craftsmen. Every dumpling is very delicate, just like our filter element, the quality is good and beautiful. Still have small friends to "AYATER big family" blessing, "AYATER winter solstice is happy!" 

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Finally, I want to teach you a little knowledge that you don't know very well: the winter solstice is the natural transformation of Yin and Yang and the moxibustion shenque point is the best time to stimulate the body's Yang qi to rise when the Yin and Yang meet. In the four days before and after the winter solstice, plus the nine days of the winter solstice, you can adopt the method of moxibustion shenque. After the sticks are lit, they are centered around the navel, so that they can burn around it. Be careful not to burn the skin, you can feel warm. Once a day for 15-20 minutes. Shenque point is the root of the five zangzang and six zang-fu organs. It is the root of any pulse, the place where the impulse moves, and the source of the genqi hidden. Moxibustion shenque acupoint can benefit qi to replenish Yang, warm kidney to strengthen spleen, dispel wind to dehumidify, warm Yang to rescue the opposition, warm to the meridian, reconcile qi and blood, very good for the body, even can make people less sick in the second year.

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