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The Hazard Of Air Compressor Filter Overdue Use?
Sep 25, 2018

The air filter, oil filter and oil separator of the air compressor have a specified service life, and the three types are replaced after several hours of use. If it is used beyond the service life, it will bring a lot of harm to the normal operation of the air compressor, affect the working performance of the air compressor, accelerate the wear and damage of other components, and reduce the service life of the air compressor.

Air filter

Air filters are an important protective barrier for air compressors. It can filter out dust and particulate impurities in the inhaled air. The cleaner the inhaled air, the more reliable the performance and service life of the oil filter, oil separator, lubricating oil and main engine.

Overdue use

The actual compression ratio of the unit will increase, the load of the main engine will increase, and the service life will be shortened; the air filter resistance will be too large, and the energy consumption of the unit will increase; the exhaust volume will be insufficient, which will affect the production; the filter element will be damaged, and the foreign matter will enter the host machine, resulting in the machine. The head is locked or even scrapped.

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Oil filter 

The oil filter mainly filters out particles and impurities in the air compressor lubricating oil to ensure the cleanness of the oil circulation system and ensure the safe operation of the air compressor system.

Overdue use

This will result in insufficient lubrication of the main engine and shorten the life of the main engine; insufficient oil return will result in excessive exhaust gas temperature and shorten the service life of the lubricating oil. The filter element is damaged, and the unfiltered air compressor oil enters the main unit, causing damage to the main unit.

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Air oil separator

The main function of the oil separator is to separate the oil in the compressed air to ensure the quality of the compressed air.

Overdue use

The compressed air content of the compressed air increases, affecting the operation of the back-end purification equipment and the normal operation of the gas equipment, affecting the quality of the final product; poor separation efficiency, increasing fuel consumption, increasing operating costs, and causing oil shortage It also causes host failure; after failure, the glass fiber falls into the lubricating oil, which shortens the life of the oil filter and accelerates the wear of the main engine.

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Motor oil

Air compressor lubricating oil mainly plays the role of lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning and noise reduction.

Overdue use

If the oil is not changed, the machine will stop at high temperature and the machine will be shut down; the lubrication effect will be worse, the wear of the main engine will be accelerated; the quality of the lubricating oil will change, and the coke and carbon deposit will appear inside the main unit; it will directly affect the service life of the air compressor.

If the filter of the air compressor exceeds the service life, there will be an early warning signal during operation, but it will not stop. However, if an early warning signal is issued, the relevant personnel should be contacted in time for maintenance and replacement. Moin’s small loss and failure to replace the filter element in time will directly affect the normal operation of the air compressor, and the maintenance cost will be even greater in the future.

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