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The Summary Meeting Of The Middle Section Of The Henan Theater Of The Cattle Trade Hegemony
Aug 01, 2014

On the afternoon of July 26, 2014, a summary meeting was held in the middle section of the henan war zone of China e-commerce cattle business team competition. 28 enterprises from henan province gathered in zhengzhou to summarize and share their progress and problems. AYATER beauty first appearance, 70 days of cattle business competition made a summary share. The second quarter of each year is the slow season of the filtering industry, and general manager Wang  personally led the meeting to promote: there is no slack season market, only slack season mentality. Let AYATER member's mentality has changed, aggressive. Its results were two-to-three times higher than in the second quarter of last year.

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Let's make progress together!!

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During the conference, Mr. Li gave precise guidance to 28 enterprise members.


Summarizing, sharing and learning are essential for every enterprise. Only in this way can the enterprise constantly grow, improve and expand! -- -AYATER

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