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Welcome AYATER Filter Old Employees To Go Home
Sep 08, 2018

After the baptism of time, AYATER filter is already a “big family”. Every employee has to love their own home and love their own business. Every department has many such employees, no matter what kind of position they are engaged in. Always treat with a serious and solid attitude; no matter how bad the environment, always regard "quality is the life of the enterprise" as the goal, and regard the "environmental safety of filtration products" as the responsibility and the prosperity of the company. And development is a top priority.

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During 2017, AYATER filter company sales manager Shen, pregnant and still insist on going to work, when the child is approaching the expected date of birth, leaving the company to take maternity leave at home, waiting for the arrival of new life. However, Manager Shen is a mother who can't help herself. She always wanted to visit the company during her maternity leave, but she could only be a full-time mother at home because her child was born with care. Unconsciously 2018 came, when we were used to the fact that Shen was not in the company, I did not expect her to suddenly appear in the company.

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On this day, we still opened the morning meeting as usual, and suddenly saw the familiar figure behind the chairman. She came back with her baby and her husband. Suddenly seeing the arrival of this old employee, we are full of joy, Shen Manager is the same, familiar smile. Listening to the chairman of the board, Mr. Shen originally came to Zhengzhou to look at this "home", of course, it is not white, although it is a full-time mother, and at the same time, the heart of the AYATER filter "home", through their own industry experience and combined with the current In the company's situation, the company's platform was deeply analyzed and shared with all the personnel in our marketing department. And pass on to our market personnel some new ways of working and working ideas, so that we benefit a lot.

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When AYATER filter was founded as a "small family", Shen has already begun to work hard for the company's strength. When Xiaobian just arrived at the company, AYATER filter has become a "big family". Shen is a company. Witnesses of the times, development and progress have deep feelings for this "big family."

I welcome the "old staff" to go home, thank the "old staff" for not forgetting. Just like AYATER filter's feelings in the filtration industry in China – “not forgetting the original heart”, the filtration industry has always adhered to the philosophy of “making domestic people more comfortable with domestic filters”, and at the same time “winning the market with quality, based on price” The market, to consolidate the market with services, to open up the market with innovation, has been making progress without stopping. The company has been constantly growing, leading the company's employees to be strong in the filtration industry, and hope to become the "big filter industry in China". An indispensable member of the family.

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So far, AYATER filter has its own testing station and test bench and other equipment, which can carry out strict inspection and analysis on each filter element of the factory to ensure the quality. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development and production of filtration products, and has invested in better production and testing equipment. The products are strictly controlled, especially the company's environmental protection filter series. The products have been widely used in various industries, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, Paper and other applications.

At present, China has successfully owned many customers and exported 78 countries on 5 continents, and has many distribution agents abroad. AYATER filter can replace most of the foreign brand products. The main products are: hydraulic oil filter, air compressor filter, oil separator and other filtration products and accessories.

Our AYATER filter is also looking forward to your visit. The factory can withstand your inspection and the products can withstand your inspection and cooperation can withstand your trust.

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