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What Are The Precautions For Replacing The Hydraulic Oil Filter?
Oct 26, 2018

The hydraulic oil filter is used in various oil systems to filter out solid impurities generated by external mixing or system operation. It is mainly installed on the oil absorption road, pressure oil line, oil return line, bypass, and separate filtration system in the system. In the process of use, it will inevitably encounter the replacement of hydraulic oil filter, we will come to understand today.

Precautions for replacing the hydraulic oil filter:

(1) Installed in the oil suction port of the hydraulic pump, the oil filter is installed at the suction port of the pump to protect all the components in the system. However, due to the limitation of the oil absorption resistance of the pump, only the mesh oil filter with small pressure loss can be selected. . This type of oil filter has low filtration precision, and the particles generated by pump wear will enter the system, and the other hydraulic components of the system cannot be completely protected. Other oil filter strings are required to be used on the oil circuit.

(2) Installed on the oil outlet of the hydraulic pump, this installation method can effectively protect other hydraulic components except the pump, but since the oil filter works under high pressure, the filter element needs to have higher strength, in order to prevent the filter. If the oil is clogged and the hydraulic pump is overloaded or the oil filter is damaged, a plugging indicator or bypass valve is often installed next to the oil filter to protect it.

(3) Installed on the return line, install the oil filter on the return line of the system. In this way, the particles from the oil tank or the wall oxide layer of the system or the wear of the hydraulic components can be filtered out to ensure that the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is cleaned to protect the pump and other components. Since the return pressure is low, the required oil filter strength does not have to be too high.

(4) Installed on the branch road, this method is mainly installed on the oil return road of the relief valve. At this time, the pressure loss of the main oil circuit will not be increased, and the flow rate of the oil filter can be smaller than the flow rate of the pump, which is economical and reasonable. However, it is not possible to filter all of the oil, nor does it guarantee that the impurities will not enter the system.

(5) Separate filtration, using a hydraulic pump and oil filter to form a separate filter circuit outside the system, so as to continuously remove impurities in the system and ensure the system is clean. Generally used in large hydraulic systems.

For the maintenance of hydraulic oil filter, it is an indispensable step to do regular cleaning work. Then, if it is used for a long time, the cleanliness of the filter paper will be reduced. According to the situation, the filter paper should be replaced regularly to achieve more. Good filtration, then if the hydraulic oil filter is running, please do not replace the filter, so that no matter what the disadvantages, no disadvantages, then the equipment is often checked from time to time, proper maintenance, filtration The gasket between the device and the connecting frame must be tightly sealed to ensure that there is no leakage. For some high temperature or high humidity filter objects, be sure to replace the high temperature or humidity resistant filter paper to meet the production requirements.


1. The filter element is made of American imported glass fiber/stainless steel mesh, which has the advantages of convenient sewage discharge, large circulation area, small pressure loss, simple structure, small volume, light weight and uniform filter material.

2. The compatibility of the filter material is suitable for the filtration of general hydraulic oil.

3. The filter element is supported by solid filter material on both sides and filter material with strong stability, which is in accordance with the verification of the flow fatigue characteristics of ISO3724/76 hydraulic filter element.

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