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Why You Choose AYATER?
Sep 10, 2013

What is the definition of advertising?

 What is the strategy? 

Are hot ideas helpful to sales?

 Do you have the sales skills of foreign customers?

 What is the essence of network marketing? 

How to become an international expert? 

How can we sell more products? 

Everyone has 100,000. Why?

 How much do you know?

 I have 100,000 Why? 

Why don't many people have common sense that ideas come to mind at the stroke of a brain? 

Why do many people think that performance means working overtime at any time, whether you or he? 

Why do people prefer to gossip on WeChat rather than read more books every day? 

Why are we willing to talk big and not really do the details? 

Why do you always want to be perfunctory rather than enthusiastic? 

Why do you always think of yourself as a weak person, rather than a person who runs into a strong person with an unwilling heart? 


Why this?

 Why that?

 So it's less common sense to know why. 

Why do you think I'm done? 

Well, of course not. We've been looking for people, people who are different and interesting. If that person is you, you might as well tell me the good news. I'm waiting for you in AYATER!! Intention to send your resume

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