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Winter Solstice Warm Heart Dumplings AYATER Warm Blessing
Dec 29, 2014

Winter solstice is an important festival in China. People say that the winter solstice is as big as the year. The festival customs have been passed down for nearly 3,000 years and are the precious intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

 The ancient people believed that the "winter solstice" is the natural transformation of Yin and Yang and the blessing bestowed by god. This day is an auspicious day, which indicates the peaceful tide of negation and deserves to be celebrated.

 "Winter solstice dumplings and summer solstice noodles", whenever the winter solstice, whether rich or poor, dumplings are indispensable holiday meals.

 The AYATER family is no exception, everybody wash vegetables together, prepare dumpling makings, with noodles, the busy in the kitchen is in full swing.

AYATER (1).jpg

In less than an hour, chubby dumplings were handed out by the hands of AYATER families. It was mouthwatering.

 A short time of hot dumplings out of the pot, eating their own dumplings, 30 small partners warm in the heart, in this special solar term, we gathered together, their own hands, a winter solstice warm heart dinner.

AYATER (2).jpg

 Here, AYATER also bless our customers, thank you for your continuous support to our work, in this special holiday, hope you, business smooth! Happy winter solstice!

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