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Won The Honorary Title Of Ten Million Net Business Of The Year
Jul 08, 2014

In 2014, we welcome a New Year in Xinxiang Saya Filters CO.,Ltd. And heartening: Xinxiang Saya Filters CO.,Ltd. Foreign trade team won the first "year ten million net business" honorary title.


Yesterday, I was working hard. The ringing telephone rang and answered the phone. At first, I was wondering, what's going on? ! The following conversation is about the statistical results made by alibaba according to the sales performance summary of alibaba trading platform in 2014. And we Xinxiang Saya Filters CO.,Ltd 's performance ranked the first, this is a recognition of our AYATER positive; It also proves that we have been making continuous progress in the past year.

 AYATER (2).jpg

In 2014, we adopted a new reform in AYATER, which concretized the functions and positions of each department, so that we could more clearly define the goal, perform our duties and strive for this goal. We are worthy of the honorary title of "ten million net merchant of the year".

 We AYATER the slogan: AYATER, the youth dream, the young stage, our AYATER bloom the strange light!!!

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