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  • Air Compressor Filter

    AYATER filter is a manufacture of top-quality,branded replacement filters for hydraulic and industrial applications, providing products for many major industries, including: Agriculture, Construction, Gearboxes, Industrial, Mining, Offshore, Railways, Shipbuilding, and...
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  • Hydraulic Filter Elements

    Hydraulic Oil Filter
    Construction: Cartridge
    Material: Glass Fiber
    Filtration Rating: 1-100um
    Working Temperature: -30℃-110℃
    Working Pressure: 30-210bar
    Working Life(month): 8-12
    Filtration Efficiency: 99%
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  • JS Series Pleated Liquid Separator Filter Elements

    AYATER two phase liquid coalescing products are specifically designed to
    address the toughest applica- tions the oil and gas industry has to offer.
    By using only the highest quality materials and
    the most robust designs, AYATER guarantees a finished product...
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  • Gas Turbine Intake Filter

    Air filter manufactured by AYATER adopts imported wood pulp filter paper from Korean Ahlstrom,
    using special auto equipment to fold and shaping form.
    The management of producing and strict tests ensure the quality of air filter,
    which can absorb tiny dust into...
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  • Model CB Coalescer Cartridges

    Standard Design Features:
    •Multi-layered media for increased solids holding capacity
    •Solids removal: 5 micron
    •Water removal down to 10 ppm
    Balanced cartridge flow characteristics
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  • Model EB Coalescer Cartridges

    •pH range from 5 to 9
    •Multi-layered media for solids holding
    •Solids removal: 15 micron nominal
    •Removes oil down to 5 ppm
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  • Model ST Teflon® Separator Cartridges

    AYATER manufactures cleanable and reusable separator cartridges of
    the highest quality in a variety of dimensional configurations.
    The coated screen is wrapped around a treated,
    perforated metal shell, lock seam folded and secured by metal clips,
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  • PEACH Technology Cartridge for Filter-Sep & Dry Gas

    Particle Retention:
    0.3 ‘SCW’, 0.5 ‘A’, 1, 5 and 10 microns
    99.98% absolute efficiency
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  • Polypropylene Depth Style Cartridge

    Common Applications:
    Pipeline Fuels
    Process Water
    Waste Waterv Cooling Water
    Phenolic resin impregnation strength- ens cartridge for use with high viscosity fluid
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  • Ingesoll Rand Air Filter 39708466

    Ingersoll Rand air filter is used to filter the moisture, dust, sand, oil mist
    and other impurities in the air source, which ensures the cleanliness of the air source
    and also improves the service life of the separation filter,
    lubricating oil and oil filter. To...
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  • Atlas Copco Air Oil Separator 2901077901

    Atlas copco oil separator is designed for oil and water separation.
    It contains two kinds of filter elements, a polymer filter and a separation filter.
    The oil core of Atlas oil separator is divided into two layers,
    one layer is fine particles, which is a...
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  • Sullair Oil Filter 250025-525

    Oil filter
    filter accuracy: 5μm~10μm;
    filtration efficiency 98%;
    service life up to 2000h;
    filter material is made by American HV.
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