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Modern Petrochemical Technology cleanliness media have become increasingly demanding, the cleanliness of the medium directly affect the safe operation of devices, operating efficiency and operating costs. Filtration and separation equipment is the petrochemical production process essential elements, which can effectively remove pollutants generated in the process, safety protection devices, and improve the products quality.

Filters and Coalescer based on fluid dynamics and depth filtration mechanism, the use of high technology and high-precision filter medium, the medium can effectively remove contaminants, efficient, high-precision filter.

Petrochemical sectors of filtration and separation process flow diagram

In the petrochemical industry, according to the different media and the concentration of pollutants, the choice of solid - liquid, liquid - liquid separation equipment.

Filters and coalescing filter is suitable for petrochemical production in a variety of media filtration and separation, it can be installed in any condition occasion.

1、Gasoline, diesel, kerosene filtration and dehydration
2、Beginner, intermediate and final hydrocarbon product filtration and dewatering
3、After the alkali treatment process, the removal of lye
4、Catalytic cracking, coking process in media filtration and dehydration
5、LPG separation of water and nitrogen


Petroleum refining and hydrocarbon processing process will be mixed with water, video installations operational safety and product quality. Hydrocarbon coalescer highly efficient coalescence, separation materials and special design, dehydration, high efficiency, low operating costs, to meet a variety of complex processes and requirements of working conditions.

Key performance indicators
he initial pressure: 30KPa
the maximum allowable working pressure:100KPa
filter structural strength:≥520KPa
Filtered free water content: 20ppm


Hydrocarbon filter cartridge using various forms of separation of solid particles from the liquid medium, purified chemical materials, protecting downstream equipment and installations Depending on the filter media (such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, benzene, toluene, Xylene, methanol, etc.) hydrocarbon filter cartridge can be installed in different materials, use different filter structure type according to different operating conditions, by varying the number of filter cartridges and use different materials to meet different flow rates and accuracy requirements.
Hydrocarbon Filter Main products are 31FV1141、31FV1341、31FV1132、31FV1332、31FV1123、31FV1124、31FV1115

Key performance indicators
the initial pressure: 20KPa
the maximum allowable working pressure:100KPa
Filtration accuracy:1、3、5、10、15、20、25、30...µm
filter structural strength:≥500KPa




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